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Are you interested in something different for your next event? Something that stands out?

I can design and create something for you that will be the centre of attention and reflect what your event is all about!

I specialise in Indigenous sand art to suit any occasion or cultural celebration including NAIDOC, Sorry Day, Harmony Day, Reconciliation Week and many others.

This process involves a personalised design fitting to your needs with various sizes and prices available to produce a vibrant and exciting piece of art that will showcase your event.

I, along with my team of helpers, can produce an interactive piece of art that would allow your community to be involved in the production and/or to perform on the finished product! 


The mural would represent your community and will last as long as the elements will allow and then returns back to the earth from which it came. 



Small: 4 meter width                  $500

Medium: 6 meter width             $750

Large: 8 meter width                  $1000

Extra Large: 10 meter width     $1250

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